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Download KMS Auto Net Activator Tool 2021

KMS Auto is best ever which can activate any version of windows and microsoft office for free without paying, download this tool 2021

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Download KMS Auto Net Activator

KMS is a short form of Key Management Service. KMS Auto Net Activator is a famous free software that helps to activate your Office and Windows. 

KMS Auto Net Activator Tool is Supported For

  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • MS Office
  • Project
  • Vista Windows

Features of KMSAuto

No system performance reduction

Most tools previously used to activate Windows were developed using .Net framework and other heavy programming environments. But KMSAuto was coded and compiled using a native windows platform so it doesn’t slow down your computer using much ram, CPU, and other system resources

Provides Lifetime Activation

KMS Auto Net Activator will activate your copy of windows and office  permanently, just like a genuine copy. This means that you can enjoy fully activated windows unless you uninstall KMS from your system or format your computer for reinstallation of windows or office package.

Receive Windows Updates

KMS will not block any update related to windows or office. Blocking KMS will only block KMS so feel easy on your updates and security patches that windows and office provide.

100% Free and Open-Source Utility

KMSAuto is 100% Open source utility developed by TeamDaz, and you’re free to use it and develop it. 

One-Click Activation

The most famous feature of KMSAuto is its ability to make a large process into one click of a button. You don’t have to find working windows keys everywhere on the internet. KMSAuto does it for you. Once you installed, all you have to do is click a button once and you’re ready to go.

Supports Offline Activation

A lot of people have asked us to enable offline mode for our activator. The latest version of KMS comes with offline activation built-in. Whenever it connects to the internet for the first time, KMSAuto will connect to our activation servers to finish the activation. But it looks like it anyway use internet for final activation.

How to activate Windows or Office using KMS Auto Net Activator Tools?

  1. Download the file. (File is provided on download section, below this post)
  2. Before extraction of compressed file It is important to Disconnect the internet or wifi. (Important)
  3. Disable any Antivirus or Windows defender. Because some of the antivirus treats it as virus. But don't worry it doesn't harm any files rather than for activating system. (Important)
  4. Now, Extract the downloaded archive.
  5. When you run the activator it ask for password, and the password is : kmsauto

  6. After extraction you can install and open KMS activator.
  7. From the above screen Click on Activation.
  8. Finally you can choose Activate Windows or Activate Office to activate your respective software.
Download KMS Auto Net Activator

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